The Triptolemos Foundation was created in 2002 and in article 3 of its statutes (Object and aims) it is defined as: The Foundational object is the promotion and promotion of agri-food activities, aimed at facilitating the fulfillment of the objectives of the Food Rights of man (FAO - Barcelona Declaration of 1992) based on an essential biological need that, in its organization in society, works as a multivariate, transversal, complex and articulated system that aims to transcend. The economy, the policies, the ...Continue Reading «1. ANTECEDENTES HISTÓRICOS»

To develop this philosophy and model at all levels (theoretical studies, training, dissemination ...), the Board of Directors met on February 25, 2010 in Madrid, at the headquarters of the CSIC, and on the proposal of its Chairman. , Federico Mayor Zaragoza, decided unanimously to request a UNESCO Chair under the name of "Science and innovation for sustainable development: production and world food security." It was decided that the Presidency would count on the collaboration of all the members of the Foundation and that ...Continue Reading «2. EL RECONOCIMIENTO DE UNESCO EN EL CONCEPTO»

3.1. COMMUNICATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES 3.1.1. CLOTET, R. (2010). Society and Food System: A challenge for the future. In Annals of the Royal National Academy of Medicine. III scientific session. II commemorative session 275 anniversary. Volume CXXVII, notebook first. Madrid (February 2, 2010). 3.1.2. CLOTET, R., COLOMER, Y. and MAYOR, F. (2010). Human development and food: a global vision. in Global Food Security: Ethical and Legal Changes (ed by C.M. Romeo-L, Escajedo and A. Emaldi) Wageningen Academic Publishers. The Netherlands. 3.1.3 CLOTET, R., COLOMER, Y., JARAUTA-BRAGULAT, E., ...Continue Reading «3. PUBLICACIONES»