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The Triptolemos Foundation was created in 2002 and in article 3 of its statutes (Object and aims) is defined as:

The Foundational object is the promotion and promotion of agrifood activities, aimed at facilitating the fulfillment of the objectives of the Human Food Rights (FAO - Barcelona Declaration of 1992) based on an essential biological need that, in its organization in society It works as a multivariate, transversal, complex and articulated system that aims to transcend. The economy, policies, availability and accessibility, knowledge, behavior and culture are the matrix vectors of this fractal system.

The Triptolemos Foundation has the challenge of contributing its actions to optimize a Sustainable Global Food System and balanced.

Collaborate in the Dynamization of the Food System, so that it results in greater availability and quality of food, in its dignity and in the confidence of the citizen, with the premise that responsible business activity is the engine of the system.

Promoting at the same time three macro fundamental concepts:

  • Innovation
  • Environment (environmental, social and cultural)
  • Universality

This vision of the system in the bylaws, as a finality, was endorsed by the founding message of the President, which was expressed as follows:

Founding Statement

Barcelona February 12, 2002

Human Rights are inherent and indivisible. But one of them, the right to life is the supreme right because it conditions the exercise of all others. For this reason, the right to food is a fundamental right and we all have to contribute, in our daily behavior, to make it possible for no one to be excluded from this essential aspect of human dignity.

The story revolves around, to a large extent, this basic requirement. The obtaining, production and conservation of food have been key in the development of humanity. Much has been achieved but much remains to be done: first, to avoid the collective shame of the thousands of people who still die of hunger every day and, at the opposite pole, to restrict the true epidemic of obesity and nutritional pathology of the countries more prosperous.

It is also very important to guarantee a sufficient and quality diet for all. The Triptólemos Foundation aims to facilitate adequate articulation of the entire food system, which results in greater security, availability and, what is really crucial, the trust (always verifiable) of citizens, from products to consumers.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Honorary President of the Triptolemos Foundation
Director General of UNESCO (1987-1999)

And that graphically can be expressed in the form:

which states that the effectiveness of all sectors that influence food will only be balanced if all of them share a single final objective: to feed correctly the world of the thousand possible concepts and interpretations, and this common end is what gives the function of system.